Which southern beach is worth it?

Choosing a vacation destination is not a walk in the park. There are a lot of things that come into play and a dozen factors to consider. It can be even more frustrating to choose between Ocean City and Virginia Beach. For starters, Virginia Beach and its counterpart in Maryland are record holders. Virginia Beach holds a single Guinness World Record. On the other hand, Ocean City is ranked among the top 25 beaches in the United States by Tripadvisorthe largest exchange of travel information in the world.


Yet nature disdains perfect equality. To paraphrase George Orwell, not all beaches are created equal. Behind the gleaming veneer of perfection and magnificence there is always a flaw; a crack in the armor. Where one would look and see equality, another would find glaring differences. That’s why we compare these two beach towns and give a verdict on which one is worth it.

Between Ocean City and Virginia Beach, which is perfect for an action-packed vacation?

Here’s the truth: while some prefer a relaxed, quiet, and laid-back vacation, others would like to rave, dance, party, and generally paint a town red. For those looking forward to an action-packed vacation, Ocean City beats Virginia Beach. Ocean City has louder, livelier bars, clubs, and saloons than their Virginia Beach counterparts. Of course, that doesn’t mean that Virginia Beach is a dry city or that it still lives in the Prohibition era. Quite the contrary. Bars and nightclubs like Calypso, Central and Catch 31, which combine fine dining, good music and a lively atmosphere, are typical of an ideal nightlife. places like Virginia Beach Amphitheater take entertainment to a whole new level with live concerts, beautiful views and a capacity that can comfortably accommodate 20,000 pairs of dancing feet. However, nothing in Virginia Beach comes close to some of Ocean City’s best nightspots like Secrets of the sea. While many nightclubs and bars in Virginia Beach are more like lounges, a bar in Ocean City will likely bear its name.

Of course, that doesn’t mean that all parts of Virginia Beach or Ocean City have uniform representation. The truth is that some places are busier than others. Interestingly, the northern parts of both beach towns generally tend to be a little quieter and less crowded. But overall, the main parts of Ocean City (around the boardwalk) tend to be more crowded than similar areas in Virginia Beach. Ocean City’s boardwalk is also more sensory than its Virginia Beach counterpart.

However, vacation activities do not start and end with nightlife. There are many other vacation activities that can make a trip memorable. And when we compare Virginia Beach and Ocean City, we think Virginia Beach has more activities than Ocean City. And it’s not just what you can do on the beach. For its long history and rich past, Virginia Beach is an educational treasure. History buffs will enjoy visiting many historical sites, museums and monuments, to learn a lot about America’s past. By way of a glimpse, modern Virginia Beach is the site of the original Jamestown settlement of 1607. That alone reveals a faint glimmer of its educational and informative promise.

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Which beach is better, Ocean City or Virginia Beach?

First, Virginia Beach and Ocean City spot miles of soft, clean sand typical of a premier beach destination. Of course, at about 38 miles, the Virginia Beach line is longer. It is listed in the Guinness Book of World Records as the longest stretch of pleasure beach in the world. On the other hand, Ocean Beach is 10 miles long. Basically, it doesn’t count for much. No one covers miles of beach in a single visit.

Still, Virginia Beach is a bit more relaxed and laid back. For this reason, it is more family-friendly. Granted, there can be some disturbing jet noise in Virginia Beach. This is due to the presence of a military installation nearby. So for families who find this kind of noise irritating, Ocean Beach might be preferable. Still, jet noise in Virginia Beach isn’t entirely a bad feature. In fact, many families enjoy watching military jets roar spectacularly at supersonic speeds – through the air above the beach. And again, jets are not a regular thing. From time to time, we will have the chance to spend a quiet day.

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Between Virginia Beach and Ocean City, which has the best accommodations and the best food?

There are many restaurants in Virginia Beach that offer mouth-watering cuisine in greater numbers than those in Ocean City. And while some would say food and drink are cheaper in Ocean City, we find the difference isn’t overwhelming. When it comes to accommodations, both locations have a variety of fine hotels in a fairly similar price range.

Finally, it is important to know that there is an Ocean City in New Jersey that travelers usually confuse with the one in Maryland, which is featured in this article.

As we have seen, the choice between Ocean City and Virginia Beach depends on several factors. While both are good destinations, Virginia Beach caters more to those looking for a more laid-back, family-friendly vibe.

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