What do workers want as the “great resignation” continues? – NBC 5 Dallas-Fort Worth

Millions of people continue to voluntarily quit their jobs each month and experts say the Great Quit has shown no signs of abating.


Looking for a hybrid working regime, Elena Mendoza said she made a change this spring.

The paralegal quit her job at a North Texas law firm after finding another that offered the option to work from home most days.

“Being able to work from home gives me more freedom to be home with my daughter and make sure I’m always there for her,” Mendoza said.

“Working from home was a big deal,” she added.


most recent issues from the Ministry of Labor showed that 4.4 million people left their jobs in April. About 4.5 million quit in March.

“Our goal was to get some answers to that,” said Jason Parma, director of permanent placement services at Robert Demia talent and business consulting firm.

Parma said the company recently asked workers what factors contribute to job loyalty?

The best answer: career growth.

“It’s about what the company is doing to invest in them,” Parma explained. “Help them on their career path, teaching them additional skills they may be looking for to take another step in their career.”


LinkedIn Senior Economist Guy Berger said flexibility in where and how employees work remains a major driver in the labor market.

“People will want to do more and employers, looking for talent, will be more willing to give it away,” Berger said of the flexibility. “It’s a big change, a big cultural, behavioral and economic change.”

LinkedIn 2022 Global Talent Trends Report noted an 83% increase in job postings on LinkedIn mentioning flexibility since 2019. Over the same period, LinkedIn noted 343% more mentions of flexibility in company posts.

For many types of jobs, Berger said it’s still a job seeker’s market.

“It’s been a lot more persistent than expected,” Berger said.

“We thought maybe it was just a labor market coming out of its slumber after the most intense part of the pandemic. It’s been stuck for over a year and there’s no real sign in my mind, no clear sign that it’s fading,” Berger added.

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