Watch Now: The excitement was ‘palpable’: ‘The Nutcracker’ impresses Afghan refugees at Fort McCoy | Local government

Solari’s mission to bring “The Nutcracker” to Fort McCoy began after reading about the thousands of refugees at the base, half of whom are children. He and his wife had previously worked with refugees in Greece in 2015 and 2016, during the early years of the refugee crisis in Europe.

“What was best for the kids was a craft, a distraction, something to do,” recalls Solari.

Participants arrive at Madison Ballet’s presentation of “The Nutcracker” for Afghan refugees at Fort McCoy. Participants came with tickets and had to wear masks during the show.


After sending a message last month to a friend who worked for the US Department of Veterans Affairs in Maryland, Solari was put in touch with officials from the main agencies overseeing the resettlement of Afghan refugees.

“It could be a way to show people that we care about them and that they are welcome here,” he said. “We can give a little piece of ourselves and our culture and we, in turn, can learn a lot about them. “

Mozhgan Karimi, a 30-year-old Afghan woman who attended Friday’s performance, said she did not expect the high-caliber performance brought by the cast of “The Nutcracker”.

“It was amazing, and I had a really good experience seeing it,” Karimi said through an interpreter.

Holiday cheer aside, Karimi’s experience as a refugee was not easy.

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