Video reveals horrific ‘bastardization’ by recruit at Latchford Army Barracks in Victoria

Lawyers for a young former army recruit are suing the Australian Defense Force over her experience at Latchford Barracks in Victoria.

Disclaimer: This story contains pictures and details that some people may find disturbing.

Amidst a host of allegations about how former RAAF aviator Alister French was treated at the military base, a video emerged of comrades using Mr. French for an evening of entertainment in a common room at the barracks.

“What happens in this video is that Alister is tied up, gagged, strangled, strangled, set on fire, assaulted with different tools, sexually assaulted. That’s the whole gamut, the whole gamut of any kind of assault. than you can imagine. It’s torture. “her lawyer said at 7:30 am.

A man pulls a garbage bag around Alister French’s neck.(Provided)

Mr. French has always been keen to join the military to “serve the nation and help,” he said at 7:30 am.

Upon completion of his basic training with the RAAF at Wagga, where he had won two merit awards, Mr. French transferred to Latchford Barracks and the Army School of Electrical and Mechanical Engineering in Wodonga, Victoria. .

A man wearing an Air Force uniform consisting of a shirt, tie and hat.
Alister French says he joined the air force to “serve the nation”.(Provided)

Mr. French admits that his military record is not without blemish. He pleaded guilty to breaking a window while drunk at an RAAF base while celebrating with other recruits.

He also injured his back during basic training, which he said at 7:30 a.m. ultimately led to surgery and hospitalization.

This meant it was subject to “light duties and restrictions”, which Mr French said at 7:30 am did not go well.

“It escalated with very minor offenses, with me being lured into offices and having received death threats against myself.”

It was bad enough that he went to the police in Wodonga, but he claims he was turned away.

In a statement, Victoria Police confirmed “that a man reported an incident to police at a training center near Wodonga in 2020”.

“Investigations were carried out and, based on the information provided, it was determined that a criminal offense could not be identified at the time,” the statement said.

Mr French’s mother, Lisa French, said at 7:30 am: “When he called home the words he used [were], ‘I have a target on my head, they told me I have a target on my head.’ “

‘Today I’m torturing Frenchy’

A man pulls a garbage bag around the neck of another man, whose body is tied with duct tape.
A man pulls a garbage bag around the neck of Alister French, who is tied up and gagged.(Provided)

On October 1 of last year, Mr. French’s life changed forever when he was bound by his ankles, legs, hands and head with duct tape.

7.30 got 21 minutes of a video that begins with another rookie saying to the camera, “Hi guys. Today, I torture Frenchy.

Mr. French and his lawyers allege the abuse lasted for up to 45 minutes.

And Mr. French said at 7:30 am: “At the time, the people I lived with thought it was a joke. I was mentally and physically tired. [to] to try [to] fight and have an argument.

“I allowed them to tie up my hands and feet, but it escalated very quickly and I was completely restrained.”

What followed was horrible.

A woman with long dark hair wearing a white top.
Lisa French said the video was “one of the most difficult things I have ever had to watch”.(ABC News)

Mr. French did not reveal to his mother what had happened until recently.

“He showed me [the video]. I was speechless. I couldn’t believe what I saw. This is bastardization and it seems to be accepted, ”Ms. French said.

“It is one of the most difficult things I have ever had to watch. No parent should go through this. We put our son in the Royal Australian Air Force and the Army.”

The defense refused a request for an interview, saying at 7.30 in a statement that it took all allegations of unacceptable behavior seriously and that it had investigated all of Mr French’s complaints in 2020.

Regarding the video, the Defense said it was a “new allegation” and “strongly encouraged that any material evidence of such behavior be immediately referred to the civilian police for investigation.”

Mr. French’s lawyers also recommended that he surrender to the police.

Watch the story tonight at 7:30 am on ABC TV and iview.

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