Victim says rapist of jailed soldier “took my last two years”

A soldier raped a sleeping woman he brought back to his Bicester barracks “for safety” after meeting her at a bar in Oxford.

Aiden Hackett, 27, who was jailed for five years and three months at Oxford Crown Court this morning, assaulted the woman after being told repeatedly that she did not want to have sex with him.

The victim’s audio recorded the encounter when she woke up in her room at St David’s Barracks to find that the Lance Corporal had taken off her clothes.

In a personal victim impact statement read to court by prosecutor Jonathan Stone, the woman said, “It not only took the last two years of my life, but the incident will be a part of my life forever.” Since the 2019 assault, she had suffered from night terrors, nosebleeds, anxiety and her master’s studies had been affected.

Imprisoning the Leeds man for more than five years, Judge Ian Pringle QC said: ‘What you did to the victim was a serious breach of the faith and trust she placed in you when she returned to these barracks. She didn’t expect to be treated that way.

Earlier, the court heard that the victim had gone out to Hanks Bar in Oxford on June 5, 2019 with friends when she met Hackett who was partying with other soldiers.

The couple had gotten on well during the evening and, at the end of the night when there were problems outside the bar, he suggested that she return to her barracks where she would be safe and her friends could take her. drive to work the next morning.

Back in his barracks, Hackett, who had a girlfriend, tried to get intimate with the woman – who told him she just wanted to go to sleep.

She fell asleep but woke up to find that Hackett had taken off his clothes. In a recording she made on her cell phone, the soldier could be heard saying to her “you said ‘take me home in the morning’”. She dialed 999 and reported the assault to the police.

Hackett called his girlfriend, who went into the room and told the victim to leave. Two guard soldiers then entered the room and escorted the victim, who had not been registered at Bicester Barracks, out.

DNA swabs taken from the soldier proved he had had sex with her.

Photo of Aiden Hackett: TVP

Mitigatingly, Lyall Thompson said his client lost his military job because of his “utter stupidity and rude behavior.” Hackett was remorseful and, exceptionally in rape cases, had pleaded guilty at an early stage in the proceedings.

“Good people do bad things. That’s what I would say happened here. It’s a total aberration, ”said the lawyer.

Hackett, of Barnsdale Road, Leeds, pleaded guilty to rape. He will be on the sex offender registry for life.

Following the conviction, Detective Tania Wasilewski-Norman said: “It was a shocking example of a man who abused the victim’s trust and raped her while she was sleeping.

“Taking advantage of a woman who was sleeping, and therefore in a vulnerable position, is totally unacceptable.

“The victim was asleep and it is absolutely clear that there was no consent in this case.

“We will always take reports of rape seriously, provide support to victims of such crimes and work to bring those responsible to justice. ”

Victim Liaison Officer Det Con Nikki Lawton described the victim, who was in court to hear the sentence, as “a real inspiration”.

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