U.S. Army veteran Tara Carr announces the candidacy of Brookfield’s first coach


BROOKFIELD – U.S. Army veteran Tara Carr is running for Brookfield’s first coach.

Brookfield’s Republican Municipal Committee met on July 6 to approve its candidates in the November municipal election.

Carr, 42, was approved for the first selectman, with incumbent Harry Shaker as the selectman.

“She really stood out above all the candidates,” said George Walker, a member of the city’s Republican committee.

Walker said his resume and military and leadership background were “simply outstanding.”

“I am very passionate about making a difference and impacting change for the better and creating a better future for our children because that is the reason for life, not isn’t it? Carr said.

She said she wanted to take Brookfield “back to our historic Republican roots,” by keeping taxes low, curbing development and supporting education and small business.

When asked what types of development, Carr mentioned the Four Corners area.

“It seems like every couple of days you turn around and they clear another piece of land, a wooded area, one of which recently crossed the greenway,” she said. “I think we have to pay special attention to what we do there. “

“It’s almost to the point where he’s an unrecognizable Brookfield,” she said. “I’m kind of looking for a way to keep him as special as he was to me when I was a kid. We have to do it for our children.

At a rally in Hartford, Carr opposed Connecticut’s elimination of religious exemptions for mandatory school immunizations.

“I believe in freedom, that’s all I’ve always stood for. I have watched my friends die protecting religious freedom – all freedoms, quite frankly, including medical freedom. I am very sensitive to these problems. she said.

“When it comes to vaccines, what people choose to do about immunization has always been a very personal / parental choice. “

A veteran, a mother and a candidate

Born in Danbury and raised in New Milford, Carr enlisted in the United States Army at age 17, serving for 25 years before retiring from her post in Hawaii.

In the military, Carr went from being a private to a lieutenant colonel. She was a platoon leader, company commander, and foreign area officer in China. Carr was deployed to Afghanistan.

In Afghanistan, she was the main representative of the Commander of the Joint Special Operations Task Force, traveling extensively and working with the only female special operations unit in Afghanistan.

“I have handled people in uniform, without uniform, from foreign countries,” Carr said.

Carr said she believed her military service would help her in the city’s highest leadership role, including personnel management, strategic planning, long-term budget planning and conflict resolution.

The mother of four elementary school children was instrumental in shaping the U.S. military’s breastfeeding policy.

Competition is nothing new for Carr. While still on active duty, she appeared on the reality TV show “The Amazing Race” in 2017, winning second place with her partner Joey Covino. From their home in New Milford, her parents watched their daughter compete.

Carr was a 2018 finalist for Ms. Veteran America, which raises funds and educates homeless veteran women.

In 2019, before her retirement, Carr bought a house in Brookfield with her husband and four children. Living so far away from her family on the East Coast was tough, and Carr was ready for a change.

“I just wanted to try something different in life,” she said.

The pandemic struck just as Carr was retiring, (“I had the last flight off the island,” she said), but she was determined to find meaningful work. She applied to Amazon in Danbury and was hired as Director of Operations to help launch her new facility off Interstate 84.

After the project was successful, Carr said she realized the position was not for her. So when she saw an announcement from the Republican city committee in early spring for local government positions, her interest was piqued.

“I said to my husband, ‘I should do this. I can do it. I’ll do it, ”Carr said.

At the RTC meeting on July 6, 21 positions were decided, including that of first selectman and selectman.

Walker said Carr “stood above the fray”.

Registered Brookfield Republicans can vote in the final caucus at 7 p.m. next Tuesday at Whisconier Middle School.

Outgoing Democratic First Selectman President Steve Dunn has not declared his intentions for the next election, but has said he hopes to do so in the coming weeks. He said he supported everyone who wanted to take the leadership position.

Carr said she was confident she could capture the vote of Brookfield voters regardless of their political affiliation.

“I think people will be excited about someone like me. I bring new energy. I have new perspectives. I know I can run a great campaign, ”she said.

“A lot of people might say, ‘Where have you been for the past 25 years? And my answer is: serving the public, and I want to continue to do so. “


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