U.S. Army Awaits Chinook Block 2 Qualification Before Committing to Production

by Gareth Jennings

With more than 500 CH-47Fs and MH-47G Chinooks in its inventory, the U.S. military has yet to commit to the Block 2 upgrade that aims to restore lost lift capability. (The American army)

The U.S. military is awaiting the completion of Block 2 standard qualification of the Boeing CH-47F Chinook heavy-lift helicopter before committing to a production decision, a senior service official said.
February 15.

Speaking at the IQPC International Military Helicopter Conference in London February 15-17, Brigadier General Robert Barrie, Program Executive Officer, Aviation, said that with the effort still completing the phase engineering and manufacturing development (EMD), the military is awaiting full system qualification before making a production decision.

“I think there’s still a lot to do,” said Brigadier General Barrie. “We continue to monitor the qualifying effort – our goal is to qualify the system, and we are still not there.”

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