The soldier shooting in the mall is a military attaché at Flagstaff House – according to Mahama’s aide

A captured soldier sporadically discharging a gun in public

Video of her action on New Year’s Eve goes viral on social media

He is arrested and interrogated by the army

The soldier currently in military custody for firing multiple AK47 shots in the air on New Year’s Eve 2021 was a military attaché to the presidency.

This is an allegation by lawyer Edudzi Kudzo Tamekloe, assistant to former President John Dramani Mahama.

He made the revelation on the Tuesday, January 4, 2021 edition of Metro TV’s Good Morning Ghana.

Explaining his reason for reporting the issue, he said: “The reason I am making this point is that someone who is usually just a military officer will take direct command of a barracks.

“When a person is assigned, there are cases where a military officer is assigned to an embassy, ​​he can take orders directly from other people than his immediate superior in the various barracks.

“Whether it’s a young man who works in the president’s office, a military attaché, now to say that’s irrelevant, I leave that to our viewers.” During the military investigation, he defended himself: “we cannot remove the fact that he is still a soldier and that they have a code”.

Edudzi co-panellist Richard Ahiagbah, deputy director of research at the presidency, argued that while naming the accused officer was a relevant issue, it “should not be taken at face value. , I will investigate further”.

He said “the fundamental reason why he needs to be disciplined is because he trains and more is expected of him”, likening the episode to a boxer fighting outside the ring and the punitive punishments that must be applied.

“He’s a soldier who knows not to do what he did, so he has nothing to do with where he’s detached, that for me is the problem,” Ahiagbah said.


Police notice, arrest and military investigation

On January 1, 2022, police issued a ‘wanted notice’ with a bounty of 5,000 cedi for the man who was seen shooting sporadically in the air at the A&C mall located at East Legon in Accra.

In a follow-up statement dated January 3, 2022, the officer was officially identified as Flight Sergeant Nicholas Owusu Frimpong.

Police said he was arrested through a collaborative effort and is being held by military police and is assisting with investigations into the case.

“…We have a lot of disciplinary things that we can address but I don’t want us to take the leap,” Ghana Armed Forces Acting Director of Public Affairs, Commander Andy La-Anyane told Joy FM. in an interview. aired January 4, 2021.

“Let’s finish with the investigations first. This (the sanctions) range from demotion to even dismissal, it is the highest…”, he added.

The army has also given concrete assurances that the accused will not be protected if found guilty.

Under the laws of Ghana, discharging a firearm in public without lawful and necessary opportunity is an offense under Section 209 of the Criminal Offenses Act 1960 (Act 29).

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