“Superman and Lois” Season 2 Preview: American History

Who is he the hero of, anyway?

This is one of the many key questions addressed in Tuesday’s season premiere. Superman and Lois (The CW, 8 / 7c) as the Man of Steel begins to feel the warmth of his new bond with the US military. And if you thought General Lane was a thorn in Superman’s side, wait until you meet Lt. Mitch Anderson (played by ex-Tyler Hoechlin Teen wolf co-starring Ian Bohen).

It’s in Anderson’s best interests that Superman swear allegiance to red, white, and blue. But as Superman explains in the Season 2 trailer, he already “gave it to the world a long time ago.”

“America has benefited from where he landed, but if you’re Superman – or on our show, because he’s Clark Kent, and because he had these fantastic parents – he has a responsibility not only to Smallville, Kansas or America, but to the world, ” Superman and Lois Showrunner Todd Helbing told TVLine.

Explaining that this delicate subject “ties into the mythology that we’re doing this season,” Helbing adds that Anderson’s arrival marks a significant shift in Superman’s working relationship with the military. “Sam Lane had been doing this job forever, and he obviously has the whole benefit of knowing who Superman really is, that he’s married to his daughter, their history, all that. He can get away with things and hiding things in a way that someone who doesn’t know this secret couldn’t. We play all of this in conjunction with the idea that if you have someone like Superman at your disposal, and you are a country, you want that person to fight for you.

(As mentioned in a recent edition of Matt’s Inside Line, it’s also entirely possible that we will eventually hear Superman utter his revamped motto: “Truth, Justice and American style a better tomorrow. “)

So where is General Lane while this all goes downhill? Helbing teases that we’ll be reuniting with Dylan Walsh’s character in Episode 3, though you might not recognize him in his new element.

“With a job like his that he’s been on for so long, he just needs a break,” says Helbing. “He’s out there doing things you wouldn’t normally see General Lane doing.” The writers had a lot of fun coming up with some fun things to do if you are a retired military veteran. When we see him, he enjoys life and retirement, but he withdraws into the family and all its problems. As it turns out, he starts doing stuff with the boys that maybe he shouldn’t be doing.

Press PLAY on the trailer below for a taste of the Superman and Lois first, then Leave a comment with your hopes for Season 2.


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