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It’s a busy day in Collin County.

Frisco, Allen and Plano school districts all welcomed students Wednesday morning.

At Haun Elementary School in Plano, principal Denise Lohmiller orchestrated a grand welcome for the students. The teachers went all out with pom poms, sidewalk chalked messages of encouragement and lots of hugs.

“Today is just a widespread welcome – with our arms wide open – for families who come back and can be in the building. Taking their children on the first day of school to their classrooms with music, pom poms, upbeat enthusiasm – that was really important to our staff,” she said.

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The school is also celebrating its 25th anniversarye anniversary – a much needed celebration after two years of uncertainty during the pandemic.

“Our namesake, Betty Han, once said many years ago about Plano ISD – building the foundations of excellence brick by brick. And unbeknownst to us, we have word that we are living this year in Han , and that’s ‘bricks,” Lohmiller said. “It means courageous, responsible, behaving with integrity, compassion, kindness and self-awareness. It’s a big year and it’s different After the pandemic, we were able to open the doors to our families, encourage them and welcome them into our nurturing and caring environment that our staff have worked so hard to prepare for in this special year.

Superintendent Theresa Williams was also there to welcome students to Haun on Wednesday.

“It reminded me, for me as a mother, how exciting the first day of school is,” she said. “Whether you were dropping your child off for the very first time in kindergarten or saying goodbye to your oldest in high school, the memories came flooding back. The kids seem really happy, so we’re off to a good start.

She said the school district implemented a district-wide theme of “believe” this year — to help encourage and take students to the next level.

“The past two years have truly been a difficult time for all educators and schools not just in Texas, but across our country,” she said. “There is a lot of excitement. There is a lot of positivity, and a lot of hope and excitement about this new school year.

In a video to parents Last week, Williams said Plano ISD was also taking a deep dive to assess and revise its district emergency operations plans as well as individual campus emergency plans.

The Safety and Security Department organized safety training for staff and teachers this summer ahead of the school year. Students will be trained from the first days of school.

The district also recently hired a new leadership role, director of emergency management and school safety. This individual’s primary responsibility is to oversee campus safety plans and provide professional learning on best practices for keeping students safe.

“Headmasters returned in mid-July and our teachers returned in early August. We all hit the road with new learnings and have been very focused on our safety protocols for the year,” she said. feels really good right now and we know that whatever happens, we are ready and prepared.”

Plano ISD is also working to fill vacancies for teachers and bus drivers, among others.

“We have teachers in all of our classrooms this morning, so we’re very grateful for that,” Williams said. “I think that’s been one of the challenges. It’s been tough the last two years for education and the workforce together.”

The school district’s website has issued a warning to parents about planned back-to-school bus delays this week, amid the critical shortage of bus drivers that school districts are experiencing nationwide.

“Plano ISD may experience significant delays on several morning and afternoon bus routes this week,” a statement on the PISD website said. “Plano ISD encourages parents to weigh all options before the first day of school, including driving your student to school. If your child’s bus is late, know it’s on its way.

The PISD Transportation Department has a web page to help communicate information about bus delays to families in The page will be updated as needed to notify parents and school staff of bus delays over thirty minutes.

If you are interested in applying for open bus driver positions, call (469) 752-0789 or visit The Plano ISD Jobs Page.

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