Six former graduates of War Colleges


Five University of North Georgia (UNG) alumni graduated from Army War College or an Army War College scholarship this summer, and one graduated from Air War College.

“UNG produces some of the best military officers, especially for the military, in the nation. This is evidenced by the number of our graduates who are selected to attend senior service colleges, the highest level of professional military education in our armed forces, “Dr. Billy Wells, retired Army Colonel and UNG Senior Vice President for Global Leadership and Engagement, said. “We are very proud of our six 2021 graduates.”

Col. Johnny Casiano, ’98, Col. David Key, ’98, Lt. Col. Jay Kaji, ’00, and Lt. Col. Charles Wells, ’00, attended Army War College in Carlisle, Pa., While that Lt. Col. Charles Wells, ’00 Col. Tony Passero, ’00, attended an Army War College scholarship at the University of Texas.

Lt. Col. Damon Sheffield, ’00, attended Air War College in Montgomery, Alabama.

Casiano, garrison commander at Aberdeen Proving Ground in Maryland, appreciated the emphasis on evolving military strategy at the Army War College. He said the UNG Cadet Corps had been instrumental in its development.

“I am who I am today thanks to the mentorship of senior cadets and the leadership development framework that exists at UNG,” said Casiano.


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