Russian ships off Ukraine prepare for ‘massive’ missile launch

Russia is reportedly preparing to launch a “massive” missile attack on Ukraine from the sea.

Six Russian ships carrying cruise missiles were positioned in the Black Sea and “most likely preparing for a massive missile launch on the territory of Ukraine” as early as Monday, according to Ukraine 24. The Southern Operational Command of Ukraine said that “permanent missile ships” in the region had recently been reduced due to the “actions” of the Ukrainian army “very disturbing for the enemy “, according to the Ukrainian state news agency Ukrinform.

Ukrainian forces also warned that “Russian propagandists” were spreading “increasingly false information about damage to airfields and other critical, strategic and military infrastructure in the region”.

Ukraine’s military said on Monday that a food warehouse was destroyed by a Russian missile attack on Odessa, the country’s largest Black Sea port, according to Reuters. No civilians were killed. Russia’s Black Sea Naval Fleet includes three missile-carrying surface ships and three submarine missile carriers, according to Ukrayinska Pravda.

Russia is reportedly preparing for a “massive” missile attack on Ukraine from the Black Sea. The Russian missile cruiser Moskva, which was sunk during the conflict in April, is pictured in Sevastopol Bay September 10, 2008.

Russian Defense Ministry spokesman Igor Konashenkov reportedly said on Sunday that a long-range cruise missile attack on a Ukrainian military installation in Dnipropetrovsk succeeded in killing senior officers, including generals. On Monday, Russian officials said Ukrainian missiles hit three offshore gas platforms in the Black Sea.

Last week, the Ukrainian military tweeted that the Russian tug “Spasatel Vasily Bekh” had been “successfully demilitarized” in a missile strike while “transporting personnel, weapons and ammunition to the occupied snake island” in the Black Sea. Officials said American-made Harpoon missiles were used in the strike.

The strike came just after the US Department of Defense announced a new billion-dollar aid package for Ukraine, including two Harpoon coastal defense systems. Harpoon missiles were also sent to Ukraine from Denmark.

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky has repeatedly urged Western countries to send more military equipment and supplies as the war with Russia nears its three-month mark.

“We need your support, we need weapons, weapons that will have better capabilities than Russian weapons,” Zelensky said Monday at an event organized by the ISPI think tank in Milan, Italy. , according The Los Angeles Times. “Its a question of life or death.”

Meanwhile, Russian officials have warned Western countries against continuing aid to Ukraine, threatening to widen the scope of the war if the country is supplied with long-range missiles. Last week, a former Russian military official warned of a “potential nuclear conflict” with NATO.

Newsweek contacted the Russian government and Zelensky’s office for comment.

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