Residents of Abuja community share how soldiers raided and assaulted homes

There were tensions on Sunday, November 21, 2021 in the Tungan-Maje community of the Gwagwalada Regional Council of the Federal Capital Territory, Abuja, as soldiers raided three houses while firing sporadically.

It was learned that the soldiers attacked the houses at around 7.15 p.m. and allegedly beat up one of the community’s kingmakers identified as the Galadima of Tungan-Maje, Salihu Aliyu, and his son, Abdulrahman Salihu.

The soldiers, who were said to number about thirteen, wore army uniforms.

They also wielded guns and batons and stormed the community in a Hilux vehicle.

It was also established that the soldiers allegedly beat a 24-year-old student from Zuba Education College, Shemau Salihu, who suffered a broken hand, and five other members of the community.

It was further noted that some commercial motorcyclists passing through the area, who decided to stop at the scene of the incident, were also beaten by the military.

A resident of the community, Abdullahi Ibrahim, said he managed to escape through his back door when rampaging soldiers stormed his home.

He added that the soldiers hit anyone in sight with sticks and dragged their victims on the ground in their Hilux van.

Abdullahi also said he was sitting with his friend, Abdulrahman Salihu, outside his house when the soldiers got out of their Hilux van.

He said: “A man and a woman came and pointed at Abdulrahman and before you knew it they started hitting him with sticks while some started shooting in the air and also entered. in some houses.

Abdulrahman, speaking with our reporter, said he had no problem with any of the soldiers, but said he was surprised that a woman came with a man in mufti and pointed fingers at him.

He added, “The woman just pointed her finger at me and said ‘he’s the brother’. I then asked him what the problem was. How can you come out of nowhere with someone and start pointing fingers at me.

He said that a few minutes later, as people walked out of the mosque after observing Ishai’s prayers, soldiers got out of the Hilux van and descended on him.

“They also pounced on my father, who had also just finished observing Ishai’s prayers, and was coming out of the mosque. They dragged us both on the ground in their van and drove us to their barracks, ”he alleged.

Aliyu corroborated her son’s claim.

“In fact, I even asked my son if he had a misunderstanding with them and he said no. However, they hit me with a big stick and gave me a deep cut on the head and then dragged me in their vehicle to their barracks, ”he said.

Another victim, Adamu Abubakar, said the soldiers also descended on him immediately after observing Ishai’s prayers and dragged him in their Hilux van to the barracks.

“Some of the soldiers used their legs and broke my door, while one of them pushed my wife to the ground who was carrying a baby on her back,” he said.

The invasion of soldiers is perhaps not unrelated to the disagreement over land compensation between a younger brother of Abdulrahman Salihu, whose name has not yet been identified, and a woman identified as Ms. Gambo Adama, which persisted for two years, a Daily Trust report revealed.

Tungan-Maje chief Alhaji Salihu Isiaku Na’Annabi confirmed the incident, saying he was in his palace when some of his subjects came to report to him that soldiers had beaten up Galadima de Tungan-Maje. and others.

“I called the Agora de Zuba, even though I couldn’t get it on the phone, but I told Makama Karmi to alert him of the incident in my area,” he said. he declares.

The monarch said that one of his sons then contacted the commander of the Tungan-Maje barracks to report the incident and that the commander promised to investigate the case.

Gwagwalada Regional Council Deputy Chairman Alhaji Mohammed Kasim Ikwa said he visited the community immediately after receiving information about the incident.

While condemning the incident, he said he called FCT Police Commissioner Sunday Babaji to inform him of the incident.

“I’ve learned that when some people have a disagreement with someone, the next thing such a person will do is go and invite a soldier to his base to come and assault people,” he alleged.

The president of the Koro Youth Association in the CTF, Comrade Adamu Isyaku, from Tungan-Maje, said community members were frequently threatened and harassed by soldiers in the area.

He alleged that despite the takeover of the ancestral lands of the natives by the Nigerian army, the army has never provided any assistance to them, on the contrary, they are working to intimidate and attack their people.

He further alleged that the community had been besieged by kidnappings and armed robberies, but that the army whose barracks are in the community never came to their aid.

“I see no reason why the military should interfere in civil matters involving civilians. Whenever there is a disagreement between two civilians in the community, one person will simply go and invite a soldier to come and attack the other person, ”he alleged.

Comrade Isyaku said that the association had already written a petition to the Public Complaints Commission (CPC), the FCT Police Commissioner, DSS, the military and the commander of the police zone about ‘an alleged relentless aggression against the indigenous people of the community by soldiers from the region.

An army officer, who asked to remain anonymous, revealed that the garrison commander received a petition from the natives of the community through the commissioner of the Public Complaints Commission (PCC), Mr. Ezekiel Dalhatu Musa.

“Truly, the CCP FCT commissioner presented a petition to our garrison commander regarding the Tungan-Maje incident on Wednesday, and he assured him that he would investigate the matter,” he said.

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