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Governor Tate Reeves announced two new executive orders to support service members and their families, especially during relocations.

“Mississippi’s military and their families have sacrificed so much for us, that it’s only right that we do all we can to support them. Join me as I announce two executive orders that will help give them the support they deserve. “, said Reeves on Facebook.

The first, Executive Order 1561, directs the Mississippi Department of Education to administer a new program, “the Star Military Schools Program.” Reeves said that in 2020 there were more than 7,300 children of active duty military personnel in Mississippi. Last year, the ICC found reason to establish a best-practice program to accommodate children from military families, especially children who change schools frequently due to their parents’ service.

This program will allow MDE to reward and designate schools that have created a special program to recognize children from military-related families and the unique challenges they face with a relocation order.

A school may apply for a military star designation if it does the following:

  • Designate a staff member as a military ambassador.
  • Maintain a page on the schools website that contains resources for military families.
  • Maintain a peer-to-peer transition program to assist transitioning military students.
  • Provide staff training on military student transitions.

Governor Reeves also signed an executive order establishing the Mississippi Defense Communities Development Council.

“Mississippi’s military installations are vital to the health and vitality of our state’s economy,” Governor Tate Reeves said. “The Mississippi Defense Communities Development Council will provide an additional voice for these facilities to ensure they continue to better serve our nation, our state, and the communities in which they are located.”

The MDCDC will be coordinated by the Office of the Governor of Military Affairs, which is part of the Mississippi Development Authority, and will provide a body within which representatives of the communities in which military installations are located can advise executive and legislative officials. on the opportunities and threats of state military installations. Where the Mississippi Military Communities Council previously worked to defend the state’s military assets, this new entity will work more proactively to strengthen Mississippi’s military assets and find new opportunities.

Each active-duty military installation and each Mississippi National Guard training center will be represented by community and economic development teams that will monitor federal base restructuring activities and/or improve nearby military facilities. A primary representative and an alternate representative from the communities in which the following military installations are located will include the MDCDC:

  • Keesler Air Force Base (Biloxi)
  • Columbus Air Force Base (Columbus)
  • Naval Air Station Meridian (Meridian)
  • Naval Construction Battalion (Gulfport)
  • Stennis Space Center and DOD Resident Agencies (Hancock County)
  • Camp Shelby JFTC (Forrest County)
  • Combat Readiness Training Center (Gulfport)
  • Camp McCain Training Center (Grenada)
  • 186and Air Refueling Wing, MS ANG (Meridian)
  • 172n/a Airlift Wing, MS ANG (Rankin County)
  • Engineer Research and Development Center (Vicksburg)
  • Gulf Coast Shipbuilding Supervisor (Jackson County)

You can see the two commands below:

Executive Order 1561 Military Star School Program.01 by yallpolitics on Scribd

Executive Order 1562 Council of Military Communities by yallpolitics on Scribd

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