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If we don’t fall into renewed panic, let’s dive into the gullibility and obedience that comes with it, and continue to salute all the civil liberties our ancestors fought for so many times. It is not disclosed to us; who is really in charge now? Who really rules us? The answer is an amalgamation of bureaucrats and quangocrats (never forget the quangos) collectively nicknamed The Blob. It is to this body, individually anonymous and invisible, that our elected officials have handed over the government of all of us.

And the Blob has no intention of giving us back our freedoms if that can be avoided.

This is why our slavery must be continued, indefinitely, with new rule after rule, and new justifications for its continuation invented.

Our government could take back the powers we electively gave it and give us back those multiple freedoms that make life in a democracy so enjoyable, but it just doesn’t have the “bottle” to face the Blob jobs.

Our Parliament, in the form of the overwhelming majority of MPs we once relied on to defend our way of life, appears to have retreated to knit winter woolens – so now we only see acres of empty green benches where they would sit down.

If they show up, it is not to speak for their constituents, but to barricade the equally clumsy Sir Keir Starmer on the other side of the floor.

Maybe this old fellow is deluding himself, but I think and hope to detect a slow, drastic change ahead.

New measures have been introduced to curb the spread of Omicron (Image: Getty)

Polls are one guide, byelections another. Tory fortress after fortress seems to have become vulnerable.

Boris Johnson has already lost the one where I live in Buckinghamshire. And Old Bexley and Sidcup, up for grabs after the death of James Brokenshire, fired a new Tory but with brutal losses to a healthy majority.

We are urged to travel abroad for a sunny vacation, but new regulations make these trips a minefield of filling out forms, passing tests, queues and delays with the threat of a sudden and final incarceration at our expense in an airport hotel for longer than the holidays.

And no one in high places seems ready to dispute that. But a challenge is perfectly achievable if we had a few champions to take it on, and the most powerful challenge is one question that no one asks. So allow me.

When a nation is affected by a health crisis, it becomes perfectly clear that corrective action must be taken. But what do you do when these corrective measures clearly cause more deaths than the pandemic? And that figure was exceeded months ago.

boris josnon

Boris Johnson’s position as Prime Minister may have become vulnerable (Image: Getty)

Check the facts – the boring but revealing statistics. The total number of deaths and their cause are recorded each year on (approximately) 650,000 death certificates. Increases by category are therefore quickly noticeable.

Each of the 40 leading causes of death shows a peak from normal – due to heart, lung, liver and kidney disease ditto, cancer, diabetes 2, etc.

Add all the increases and they add up to more than Covid.

But no one will answer this question because no one in authority will ask it. So our servitude in eastern Germany to the Blob continues.

————————————————– ———

After 16 years in power, a record, German Chancellor Angela Merkel is gone.

She presided over a period when Germany ruthlessly dominated the EU economy, setting the euro exchange rate extremely favorably for Germany but enough to shatter Greece.


Angela Merkel is no longer the leader of Germany (Image: Getty)

But she couldn’t get over the old adage that all political careers end in failure.

His last three years have been terrible. She made three serious mistakes. Panicked by Japan’s Fukushima nuclear disaster – though it was extremely unlikely to happen in Germany, which has no tsunamis – she ordered the shutdown of her country’s clean, safe and internal nuclear reactors.

This meant a shift towards coal, gas and oil, with the vast majority having to be imported and therefore paid for in foreign currency.

It has made Germany dependent on Russian oil and gas, and therefore at the mercy of dictator Vladimir Putin who can cut it off at any time.

And it has opened the doors to unlimited immigration so that a million “refugees” (immigrants) are flocking, upsetting millions of ethnic German voters.

Now his longtime CDU party is over. They come, they leave, but rarely leave leaving such a mess behind. And the successor Olaf Scholz does not inherit the booming and muscular Germany that it has known.

————————————————– ———

We Brits are a very diverse people and it is a rare event that unifies us all in an unchallenged reaction.


Arthur Labinjo-Hughes, pictured with his grandmother, was killed by his father (Image: ITV)

But such a response describes the universal anger and loathing evoked by the torture and death of little Arthur Labinjo-Hughes at the hands of his sadistic father and even crueler stepmother.

The imagination rebels and the eyes sting at the thought of the misery inflicted on this six-year-old child before his tormented death.

His father received a minimum sentence of 21 years and his mother-in-law to 29 years.

In all of this horror, there is good news. Not the usual rubbish of “lessons will be learned” nor the assurances that the social workers and police who did not lift a finger were completely blameless. No, just that. The fact that they will serve their sentence in near isolation.

It is not because we have a harsh penal regime. The reason is much simpler. Their fellow inmates may be inside for breaking the law, but that doesn’t make them sadists.

Left alone, they would reduce these animals to puddles of meat on the ground. Only isolation will keep them alive.

————————————————– ———

A Northern Ireland coroner, presiding over a years-delayed inquest into the death of a young rioter in 1973, has dismissed charges against British soldiers who clashed with the crowds that day.

Thomas Friel was 21 and was “very intoxicated” when he joined the riot. Bricks and stones were flying everywhere and the decision of the investigation was that it was probably one of the ones that had hit him in the head. He died in hospital four days later, apparently not at all from a rubber bullet fired by a soldier.

This has not stopped the usual persecutors in our Defense Department and the Northern Ireland Police Service from hunting down now elderly and frail men in the dock without a framework of photographic evidence or testimony to support their case. , almost 50 years later.

MP Johnny Mercer, who resigned his post as Deputy Minister of Veterans Affairs, disgusted by the continuation of these witch hunts, described them as “looking more and more like a joke”.

IRA veterans, including the killers, are now walking in freedom with lifelong amnesties.

Boris Johnson’s government has promised and promised to extend this amnesty to our guys as well. Yeah? We are still waiting.

————————————————– ———

Pedophilia is a foul crime, but for all that, in a democracy, an accused must always be considered innocent until his guilt is proven by a court.


Ghislaine Maxwell is on trial (Image: FilmMagic)

As the long-awaited trial of Ghislaine Maxwell, accused of being the pimp and accomplice of the ghastly Jeffrey Epstein, began in New York City, the prosecution began with a series of baggy pants – and I’m not talking about female underwear.

Foremost among their blunders was the allegation that a 14-year-old, now a mature woman, was transported on Epstein’s jet to New York for the opening of the musical The Lion King. .. In 1994.

The defense jumped to their feet to point out that the Broadway opening took place in 1997. After that, the prosecution witness suffered an amnesia attack and said she couldn’t remember a series. things.

The prosecution, if it wants a conviction, will have to do much better than that. This data is clearly recorded.

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