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‘Dexter: New Blood’ is the highly anticipated sequel to the hit crime drama series ‘Dexter’ which aired from 2006 to 2013. Developed by Clyde Phillips, the new episode follows serial killer Dexter Morgan, who after faking his own dead, lives a quiet suburban life in the town of Iron Lake. However, a series of gruesome deaths threaten the return of Dexter’s killer character, the “Dark Passenger” leading him down a dangerous path.

In “Dexter: New Blood,” Dexter swaps the familiar Miami environment for a small town in upstate New York. Iron Lake’s cozy snowy vibe complements the cold-blooded killings in the city. If you’re interested in learning more about the sites appearing on the show, we’ve put all the details together for you. Here’s everything you need to know about the “Dexter: New Blood” filming locations.

Dexter: New Blood Filming Locations

Principal photography for the first season of “Dexter: New Blood” began in February 2021 and ended on July 30, 2021. The shooting of the exterior scenes took place first as the inaugural season features several scenes featuring snowy landscapes. According to reports, more than 495 cities serve as filming locations for the series.

The fictional town of Iron Lake in New York State is the main setting for the show. However, the filming actually takes place in the state of Massachusetts. Various cities in central and western Massachusetts serve as the filming location, and we’ve detailed them below!

Franklin County, Massachusetts

The majority of filming for “Dexter: New Blood” takes place in Franklin County, primarily in the village of Shelburne Falls. The Historic Village, which is a Census Designated Place (CDP), is located in the towns of Shelburne and Buckland. He serves as Iron Lake’s replacement on the show.

Iconic city locations such as Iron Bridge, Odd Fellows’ Hall, and many local businesses on State Street and Bridge Street appear on the show. The West End Pub was renamed Iron Lake Tavern for the filming of certain scenes. The cast and crew also filmed Season 1 footage in other parts of Franklin County, such as the towns of Whately and Sunderland.

Worcester County, Massachusetts

The show’s production crew traveled to Worcester County to shoot some footage from Season 1. Filming took place in Worcester Town on parts of Lincoln Street, Colby Avenue, Flagg Street and Denison Road . AC Hotel by Marriott, located at 125 Front Street, also appears on the show.

Gardner, a town in Worcester County known for its natural vegetation and forest cover, is one of the show’s many filming locations. Several scenes were filmed at Camp Collier, a recreation ground in Gardner. Other towns in the county where episodes were filmed include Boylston, Lancaster, Ashburnham, Sterling, West Boylston and Grafton.

Devens, Massachusetts

Most of the interior scenes for the first season were shot on film sets at New England Studios. The studio complex is located at 100 Studio Way in Fort Devens, which is part of the Devens Regional Corporate Zone. The studio, located about 40 minutes from Boston, houses four sound stages measuring approximately 18,000 square feet each. Popular shows such as “Castle Rock”, “Defending Jacob” and “The Society” were filmed in the studio.

Middlesex County, Massachusetts

Some scenes from “Dexter: New Blood” also took place in Middlesex County. The cast and crew filmed footage in and around Nagog Hill Road in Littleton Town. Boxborough, Westford and Shirley are some of the other places in the county visited by the show’s production crew for filming.

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