Mayflower Mountain Resort developer provides update on future ski experience

Skiing at the Mayflower is still a few years away, but the first phase of building six lifts has begun and a gondola is in the planning stage. This summer, crews will clear the land, build trails and prepare the foundations for the lift poles that are expected to be installed next summer.

Extell Utah vice president of development Kurt Krieg said plans for a village in the base area are also underway.

“This is designed to be a pedestrian village where you come and park your car,” he says. “You have everything within walking distance.”

In the parking lot for day skiers, 550 parking spaces are paved and lined.

Future plans include a 159-room hotel, ski school, ski beach and 70,000 square feet of retail, food and beverage space.

Krieg explains that the central facility will be multi-level, with one plaza centered around the stores and another on the same level as the elevators.

The village area should have separate squares on several levels.

At a development review board meeting last week, Krieg showed 3D renderings with three lifts near the village.

“So your activity during the day will be focused on the ski beach,” he says. “So, you know, your outdoor dining, watching the skiers come down and really participating. And then during the afternoon it really changes after the afternoon and goes into the heart of the village, where you have your fire pits and your retail and your outdoor seating, or outdoor dining for the restaurants.

Krieg expects the first phase of retail spaces to open in late 2025, the target date for the full opening of ski operations.

The Mayflower Mountain Resort project began in 2021. In addition to ski facilities, it plans to build hotels and thousands of apartments and other residences. The Military Installation Development Authority, a state agency created by the Utah Legislature in 2007 to develop military land in Utah, oversees the project.

skier servi es complex MIDA south condo, ski hotel, 3 levels.jpg

A drawing shows a ski lift in the upper plaza of the base village.

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