Lisbon couple wait for pool installation 8 months later – NBC Connecticut

Ashley Verhagen said she researched several pool companies last winter.

“Brian (Roy) was really the only one who reached out and he said what we wanted to hear, told us we would have a pool by the end of June so we were sold,” Verhagen said.

They have the pool, but it’s still in boxes in their driveway.

Verhagen, from Lisbon, said she signed a contract with Roy’s Pools on February 24 and was told the pool would be ordered by February 27.

She told NBC Connecticut the company later told her she wouldn’t be arriving until August due to delays related to Covid.

Verhagen said when she contacted the pool distributor and he told her Roy’s Pools only ordered the pool at the end of March. The distributor then worked to ensure that Verhagen had its swimming pool in July.

However, she said Roy’s Pools only started work on the site in September and after eight hours of work over two days she never returned.

“We still basically have a hole in our backyard without a pool and we weren’t told they wouldn’t be coming back,” Verhagen said, pointing to a gravel mat placed in his backyard.

Roy’s Pools in Canterbury is the subject of eight complaints being investigated by the Connecticut Department of Consumer Protection, according to a spokesperson for the agency.

NBC Connecticut left owner Brian Roy messages on the personal cell phone number he gave to customers and visited his business, which was not open. He then called us to ask us to vacate his property and declined to comment on the investigation.

According to the state’s online licensing portal, the former owner’s pool builder’s license expired in 2016. Consumer Protection said current owner Brian Roy only has a pool builder’s license. ” a home renovation contractor’s license.

NBC Connecticut asked DCP if Roy’s home improvement contractor’s license would allow him to install a swimming pool.

“No. There is an additional license for this. Home improvement contractors are very limited in the scope of work they can do. Our investigation is to determine if the work they did was outside the scope. of his license, ”said the spokesperson for the DCP.

Verhagen said DCP told him that if Roy’s Pools didn’t fully pay the pool distributor, the pool distributor could put a lien on his house.

“We just don’t trust them. I mean how can you. We have had a terrible experience over the past 10 months, ”said Verhagen.

The Verhagen, who are both in the military, say they paid Roy 60% of the total cost of the project with two checks totaling $ 13,000.

“They both wiped out our bank accounts,” Verhagen said. “I absolutely feel our money has been stolen.”

Their bank accounts aren’t the only ones left empty, as is their five-year-old son.

“He sees him every day in the yard and asks ‘when are we going to be able to swim in our pool?’ but we are not sure that it will ever get there, ”said Verhagen.

She said her son took swimming lessons to prepare for a swim in his pool last summer.

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