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The principal administrator of Elk Island Catholic is stepping down.

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The Board of Directors of the EICS accepted the retirement of Superintendent Shawn Haggarty at the end of October.

“I’m excited for whatever awaits me because I have a big world to explore,” Haggarty explained. “I’m happy and healthy and have the best job in the province, being superintendent at Elk Island Catholic, but I’m still young enough to want to travel and experience different cultures. Thirty-five years are enough in this trade.

Haggarty was superintendent for four years, worked at EICS for 10 years, and worked in education for 35 years, starting as a teacher, then deputy principal, then principal.

The outgoing superintendent said he thought it was the right time to move on.

“I’ve been thinking about it for about a year and put this on the calendar about a year ago. Thought it was the right time because there is a new board and a new board can now hire a superintendent for a four year term and we have also just completed our four year assurance plan which we have set up and now it’s done, ”says Haggarty. “The terms I was supposed to start are over and I think it’s a good time for a new superintendent to work with a new board and chart a new course. “

After 35 years, Shawn Haggarty will retire from his education career. Photo provided

Ted Paszek, Chairman of the Board of Directors of EICS, said the board was very happy for him, but also sad to lose such a great superintendent.

“When someone has the chance to retire, that’s great news, but we’re disappointed to lose someone of his caliber because he’s been such a firm hand for us during these difficult COVID times and program issues and all that stuff, ”Paszek explained. “He’s been so stable, so professional and so good at it. “

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Haggarty has said he will not take on a new role in another organization. He calls it a career.

“I have no intention of going anywhere or working anywhere else. If I had to work it would be as the superintendent of Elk Island Catholic, but I’m looking to the next step, ”Haggarty said.

Paszek noted that the school division will struggle to replace the superintendent.

“We will now embark on the difficult task of replacing him and over the next two months we will begin a superintendent search and see. He has big shoes to fill, but we’ll work on it, ”Paszek said.

The board has yet to discuss a replacement for Haggarty.

Haggarty added that he had much to be proud of when he looked back on his time at EICS.

“The moment I’m most proud of is working with some great people and the team here. There have been a lot of transformations in my 10 years with EICS. The year I started was when ABJ opened, then we had upgrades in St. Mary’s, upgrades in Camrose, we built a new high school in Fort Saskatchewan, we come from get a new high school in Camrose and we opened our new central learning services. “Said Haggarty.” That’s a lot of fundamental changes that have happened since I’ve been a Senior Administrator, but it’s only possible because of all the amazing people I’ve worked with. “

The outgoing superintendent will retain his position until the end of the year, with his role ending on January 31, 2022.

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