Glenboro School adds robotics program with provincial grant –

Last week, the province announced funding for 53 project applications totaling $ 954,082 under the 2021 Teachers Ideas Fund.

Education Minister Cliff Cullen announced Wednesday last week that the funding program’s review committee had recommended all 53 applications, now bringing the total of approved projects to nearly $ 1.4 million to fund the ideas of teachers, staff and school leaders.

Students and staff at Glenboro School are thrilled to receive funding to add robotics to their curriculum through this provincial grant.

“We hope to integrate it [robotics] in our science program as well as with technology, so a transversal learning ”, explains Ryan Diehl, principal of the Glenboro school.

“We are very happy to be able to do this. These are opportunities that rural schools sometimes miss, and that urban schools may be able to provide. So I think it will significantly improve science education in our school.

Diehl says the robotics program will most certainly be a hands-on experience for their students in the classroom. The school will buy robots that students can use with computer programs, and then learn different techniques. “

“We are always looking for opportunities for our students and we have a lot of students interested in science and giving them the practical experience they need if they want to pursue something after school in the fields of science. science and technology. “

“We hope to improve the level of engagement in the different sciences,” he shares. “The kids will learn a lot, but it will be fun at the same time! “

Adding robotics to the learning experience was something staff and students were eager to pursue. “We are constantly seeking feedback from our students and they definitely want more hands-on experiences in all of their courses. So we thought it was definitely a way to improve our science program and we are very lucky to receive this money to make it happen.

This new addition is expected to be operational by January, once the funding is in place. “We’re going to start to introduce this at the 9th and 10th grade level and then hopefully develop from there. “

“Once the program is established, we hope that at the school level, we can complete it to keep it running and continue to expand,” adds Director Diehl.

Recipients of the 2021 Teachers’ Ideas Fund in the Westman region:

  • Improve literacy outcomes through a structured approach to literacy by creating a book club at Kola School in Fort la Bosse School Division
  • Supporting Robotics for STEAM High School Students at Glenboro School in the Prairie Spirit School Division
  • Helping those at risk using a variety of pledges through THRIVE at Manitou Elementary School in Prairie Spirit School Division
  • Increase Digital Citizenship at Rapid City School in Rolling River School Division
  • Supporting STEM Learning at Souris School, Southwest Horizon School Division
  • Establish an outdoor classroom at Souris School in the Southwest Horizon School Division
  • Promote positive impacts and morale through an outdoor classroom at Pierson School in Southwest Horizon School Division

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