Ft. Happiness Has Been Forgotten

EL PASO, Texas (KTSM) – US Congressman Tony Gonzales, who represents District 23 in Texas, said that Ft. Happiness has been forgotten for too long.

In an exclusive interview, the Texas representative said his 20 years of experience in the military will help give the military post the attention and resources it needs.

Part of Ft. Bliss is now in District 23 after a Texas redistribution map, which was enacted by Gov. Greg Abbott at the end of last month, split Ft. Happiness between two members of Congress: Democrat Beronica Escobar and Republican Tony Gonzales.

The original proposal would have given MP Gonzales’ 23rd district all of Ft. Bliss and the El Paso airport, however, after the map was challenged and both houses of the legislature were approved, the airport and part of the military installation were returned to Escobar in District 16.

Biggs Army Airfield, which supports two active-duty military units, is now represented by Gonzales, who has said he is ready to do anything in his power to ensure the success of the military post.

“I like the fact that I represent Fort. Bliss, I think that’s great. Look, I’m a 20 year military veteran, these aren’t talking points, this is who I am. I will always represent this community in a way that I think will be honorable. Here is the reality of things. Strong happiness has been forgotten. For too long Ft. Bliss hasn’t had the opportunity to get the resources they need. I look forward to working with my good friend Veronica Escobar to strengthen our ties in El Paso. I don’t consider it to be / or. I think there is an opportunity where we can both work together to get things done and everyone wins, and the people of El Paso win. Ultimately I’m here to serve and look forward to serving ep county.


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