First VFW on a military installation dedicated to local veterans

FORT HOOD, Texas (KWTX) – For the first time in U.S. history, the first VFW post at a military installation will be named after the First Black Command Sergeant Major of the First Cavalry Division.

AC Cotton, served in the Army for 3 decades, touring Vietnam and around the world, as well as being a pioneer for the First Cavalry Division.

“It’s just a great honor and I know he would be so proud but still humble if he got this recognition,” said Delores Holt, Cotton’s eldest daughter.

“Even though he was away, he was always there for us. For my mother, me and my sisters. By letters and phone calls. I have a memory of him telling me something while I was doing a school project. He said: always do your best as if your name is always on it in everything you do.

While he passed away in September last year, Fort Hood and the VFW donated yellow roses to his family to commemorate his dedication to helping others.

His family adds that this new position should be perfect for active duty soldiers who are under the same or more stress than veterans.

“In dedicating the post, I think he would want it to be a place where soldiers can find structure and unity,” said Brenda Cotton, his daughter.

“It is so that the soldiers and their families are together.”

The structure, love and camaraderie they hope will last for generations at VFW after 12209.

“He was dedicated to the military,” Cotton said.

“He loved his family, but he was a very dedicated person who always wanted to teach his soldiers to strive for perfection.”

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