Father of man killed by soldier in Osun demands justice

From Lateef Dada, Osogbo

The family of a 37-year-old man, Adekunle Yinka, who was allegedly killed by an unknown soldier in Ilesa, Osun State, has demanded justice for him.

The deceased, whose father described himself as a car dealer, was reportedly killed by a soldier after an altercation with people at a beer bar in Fadahunsi area, Ilesa, on Saturday March 26, 2022.

His father, 79-year-old David Adekunle, who spoke to the Daily Sun on Tuesday, said an altercation ensued between his son and a military man who later reinforced his colleagues in the area.

It was established that Yinka’s car was towed because he ran away and he was asked to come and collect the car with N50,000.

It was established that the deceased went to the barracks to retrieve his car with 50,000 naira as demanded by the arrests before he was detained and allegedly beaten to death.

His father said: “He went out with his friends in an ashen colored Lexus 350 to have fun in a beer hall around Fadahunsi Area, Ilesa. When they arrived, they met three people who were also drinking. He and his two friends also sat down to drink.

“There was a disagreement between them and one of the three men they met in the premises, went out and came back with soldiers. When my son and a friend of his saw them coming, they ran away. The soldiers took their third friend and my son’s car to Ibodi Barrack.

“On Saturday March 26, a friend of my son called to say that there had been an incident involving Yinka and his friends at Ibodi Barrack and that I had to go there to help Yinka recover his vehicle. I went there and was told at the door that my son had been transferred to Ayeso police station. When I got to Ayeso police station, they said they didn’t know anyone with that name.

“Someone later told me he saw two policemen and a soldier driving off with someone at Wesley Guild Hospital. When I got to Wesley I asked a man that I saw on entering the premises about a patient being brought to the hospital by a soldier, and the person pointed to a tree and told me to go in. I met a man under the tree and I told him that I was looking for a man brought by a soldier. The man confirmed that really a soldier brought a corpse, but they did not receive the corpse from him. The man said that he told the soldier to go report the incident to the police and get their permission before bringing the body in. The soldier left and two police officers joined him when he returned with the body. said a police officer by the name of Martins from Ayeso Police Division in Ilesa sent two police officers who accompanied the soldier to Westley where he deposited the body Yinka is my last child and the only boy. He was killed when his first child reached two months and two days.

“The soldier involved sent me emissaries to ask for forgiveness. He promised to take care of the deceased’s wife and child. My request is simple. Military authorities should hand over those involved in the horrific murder of my only son. They should face all the consequences of their actions.

Osun Police Command spokesman Yemisi Opalola denied the allegation that a police officer followed the soldier to the morgue, saying “the DPD only helped the soldier to call the morgue.

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