Families of fallen heroes deserve a better deal – Emmanuel

Through Ngozi Nwake

Yes you treat the families of fallen heroes well, the living heroes will be more engaged in their responsibilities. This is the position of the CEO of the Beracah Economic Empowerment Foundation and Beracah Widows Arise, Ms. Maria Ifeoma Emmanuel.

According to her, the families of fallen military heroes should be treated with dignity because their breadwinners died in defense of the country. Lamenting the inability of the families of fallen heroes to secure their rights, she asserted that “access to a fallen hero’s insurance claims is a motivator for the living hero”.

She said the military was like other human beings, with flesh and blood, dreams and aspirations, even though they also enjoyed the company of their spouses and children.

She said: “On the day of the exchange of marital vows, couples imagine themselves in the good life they will both enjoy in each other’s arms in marital bliss. To have children, to raise them to adulthood and to take care of each other are all aspirations of every newlywed.

“But for the military, do they see themselves raising a family, enjoying marital happiness until old age? Do women who marry them see themselves entering into a union with a man who is as good as a time bomb waiting to explode or are they absolutely ignorant of the risk of their husbands’ chosen career?

Responding to questions, Emmanuel explained: “It is the same feeling of excitement, of fulfillment of marital vows for two lovebirds considering a bright future together, not envisioning a life without their spouse.

“The military career takes you completely from the start. The job involves signing your life for the protection of your nation. Where others flee from danger, you run towards it, receiving bullets intended for your fellow citizens. It is a career that comes with so much honor, for only brave men die honorably.

“They are not discouraged by the love of their wives, children, parents, siblings, friends and associates. Call to duty, they obey, despite the circumstances, sacrificing their lives for the survival of humanity; their allegiance is with their nation.

“Are they flesh and blood humans, you may wonder. Yes, they have families they love, they have feelings like mere mortals. The difference is that they are wired differently through training with physical strength but such a selfless heart.

“Does this sacrifice have any advantages? Yes, when you enroll in the academy or as a recruit to become a soldier, your life is assured knowing that you no longer own your life. Death can happen at any time, destabilizing your dependents, especially your wife and children, who are your immediate family. Given this, a soldier serves his country with his heart, knowing that his offspring will be well looked after after his demise. “

Emmanuel regrets, however, that in most cases bitter cola does not taste like it sounds in the mouth.

Take this from here: “In Nigeria today the case is different because we have widows of these great men who have sacrificed so much to make sure we all sleep with our eyes closed, telling tales of woe. as a result of non-payment of military expenses. group life insurance claims intended to cushion the effects of the loss of a breadwinner.

“There are widows whose husbands group life insurance benefits were withheld for more than nine years after their death. We must not forget that the military live in an isolated area (barracks), which means that their wives are adapted to a certain lifestyle, living in a disciplined environment. But when her husband dies, they have to leave the barracks to start their life in a new environment, to learn to live with people who have a different orientation.

“Life outside the barracks for a widow is definitely quite expensive. Payment of rent, utility bills and school change, among others, unlike when some bills were deducted from the husband’s salary.

“Without government compliance in a widow accessing group life insurance claims, how is she going to cope with her children?” Apparently, it became a necessity that she be paid to help her in the reality of her current status.

“Most military wives are stay-at-home moms, while their husbands are often on the battlefield. The soldiers prefer that their wives do not work in order to devote their full attention to the education of their children. This is evidently manifested in the difficulties they face in re-embracing life without their husbands, as widows.

“They start from scratch to learn how to have a sustainable economy to support their children, which sometimes results in a loss of money in the beginning. So a widow needs all the money and support she can get in this transition.

“For a living soldier, this could send the wrong signal affecting his level of commitment to the service. They see the difficulties faced by the wives and children of their colleagues who have died due to non-payment of insurance money.

“The military would like to take their destiny in hand by getting involved in illicit transactions that could lead to financial gains to be balanced economically for their families, in the event of an eventuality.

“The end result of neglecting to implement workplace policies is corruption and disloyalty. A soldier abandons his call to duty in search of wealth so that, when he falls, his family will be well cared for with their accumulated wealth, for those who have died and whose consolation of their death is group life insurance will not are not paid.

“I challenge the government to let the tears and suffering of the widows and children of deceased heroes motivate them to devote more resources to triage affected families whose husbands group life insurance money has not been paid. . “

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