DVIDS – News – Snowshoeing Among Essential Skills Practiced Learned by CWOC Students at Fort McCoy

Each class in the Cold Weather Operations Course (CWOC) at Fort McCoy requires significant field time during the 14 days of training, said CWOC instructor Hunter Heard.

Heard coordinates CWOC training with fellow instructors Manny Ortiz, Brian Semann and Joe Ernst. All are with contractor Veterans Range Solutions, who are working with Fort McCoy’s Directorate of Plans, Training, Mobilization and Security (DPTMS) to complete the training.

Much of the CWOC field time includes students performing their moves on snowshoes. In a cold, snowy environment, having snowshoes and the skills to use them is crucial, Heard said.

Students spend 20 to 30 hours practicing on the racquets and using them on the court, Heard said.

During the course, the students use ahkio sleds to transport all their equipment and they will cover nearly tens of kilometers of terrain, much of it on snowshoes.

“Some of the best parts of the course are actually getting out there and using our equipment and gear and practicing on what we learned in class,” the staff sergeant said. Courtney Mulhern, a CWOC Class 22-03 student with the 492nd Civil Affairs Battalion.

Instructors guide students through the training program, including when to use snowshoes.

“The instructors are great,” said Spc. Lemuel Alamo, a student in Class 22-03 of the Wisconsin National Guard’s 372nd Engineer Company. “They were great and very clear with their instructions.”

In addition to snowshoeing, students also learn a wide range of cold weather topics, including skiing, using ahkio sleds, and setting up the 10-person arctic tent in cold weather. The training also teaches terrain and weather analysis, risk management, proper use of cold weather clothing, developing winter combat positions in the field, camouflage and concealment, and more.

SPC. Scott Costello, also a student in Class 22-03 of the 492nd Civil Affairs Battalion, said he enjoyed everything he learned during the course, including the racket.

“The hands-on training in this course was excellent,” Costello said. “The training on the court was good, and the snowshoeing and skiing were also excellent.”

Fort McCoy’s motto is “Total Force Training Center”. Located in the heart of the Upper Midwest, Fort McCoy is the only US Army installation in Wisconsin.

The installation has provided support and facilities for the field and classroom training of more than 100,000 service members of all services nearly every year since 1984.

Learn more about Fort McCoy online at https://home.army.mil/mccoy, on the Defense Visual Information Distribution System at https://www.dvidshub.net/fmpao, on Facebook by searching “ftmccoy” and on Twitter by searching for “usagmccoy”.

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