DVIDS – News – Former Army Vice Chief Headlines Panel with Fort Hood Leadership, Tour of Installation

story by cape. Kyra O. Pearl and Staff Sergeant Desmond Cassell

FORT HOOD, Texas – Senior leaders from III Armored Corps and Fort Hood gathered to hear from a former Army vice chief and a familiar Fort Hood leader during a professional development seminar at the Lone Conference Center Star here, May 6.

Retired Gen. Peter W. Chiarelli, 32nd Vice Chief of Staff of the Army and former commander of the 1st Cavalry Division, led the discussion, which focused on traumatic brain injury, recruitment challenges, suicide and post-traumatic stress, among others. More than 70 leaders attended the event.

Chiarelli said it was important to meet the leaders of Fort Hood because he fondly remembers the mentors who raised him and the importance of hearing about their experiences.

“At the same time, it lets me know the issues you’re facing,” Chiarelli said of his audience.

He added that while he talks to people to help support the military, panels like these ‘keep me up to speed on my ability to speak on the issues that are really important to the leadership of the military today.’ today,” he said.

In addition to the leadership seminar, Chiarelli spent time before the event touring various areas in and around Fort Hood.

“I was very excited to see the Intrepid Spirit Center and see what they are doing to care for people with post-traumatic stress and traumatic brain injury,” Chiarelli said. “It’s exciting to see some of the things that are being done along the lines of the ‘People First’ initiative.”

During his visit to the area, Chiarelli met with leaders and soldiers from III Armored Corps, 1st Cavalry Division, Carl R. Darnall Army Medical Center, and many other community members. He said one of the highlights was the engagement with the various leaders in the room during the seminar.

“Being with people in that room meant the world to me,” Chiarelli said, “and in doing so, I get energy,”

Chiarelli remains active in the military community, with strong ties to Fort Hood. He led the 1st Cavalry Division during the war during the early stages of Operation Iraqi Freedom and later served as Commander Multi-National Corps – Iraq. He retired as Vice Chief of Staff of the Army in 2012.

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