Despite the stabs in the back, God will support me, says Tinubu | The Guardian Nigeria News

• Tells about struggles for democracy, APC
• Asks senators to support “lifetime ambition”
• “My goal is not to step on Buhari’s toes, but to put myself in his shoes”
• We wish you good luck in your business, Lawan told Tinubu

The meeting was emotionally charged yesterday. There was sustained attention, as more than 70 members of the All Progressive Congressional (APC) caucus in the Senate gathered to hear from former Lagos State Governor and national leader of the party, Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu, call on them to support him.

The timing of the meeting could not have been better. Tinubu at a time when his “house is in turmoil”. He was expansive in his discussion with senators. He revealed that despite the instances of beatings on the back, his belief in God would carry him through in his presidential ambition.

The visit represented a fond return for the former senator, as Asiwaju and lawmakers deliberated on a wide range of issues.

Asiwaju recalled his own time in the Senate before drawing the attention of those present to his conception of the legislature as the essence of representative democracy. Addressing caucus members, he said: “The essence of representative democracy is the coming together of the prudent and the wise to pass just laws for the benefit of the people. Legislation passed by this body will determine the fate of this nation. From what I have seen of your work and your words, I can truly say that this nation is in good hands.

Tinubu, who took the time to recount his ordeals in the struggle for democracy, said his visit was to seek the support and partnership of lawmakers in realizing his ambition in 2023.

He said his ambition is not blind to make him step on the toes of President Muhammadu Buhari. Instead, he intends to step into the president’s shoes in 2023.

He also appreciated the efforts of the Senate led by Ahmed Lawan to promote unity and peace through its legislation.

Reminding the Senate of the lessons of the first stanza of Nigeria’s first national anthem, Tinubu instructed the Upper House to continue to legislate for the stability and unity of the country.

According to him, courage is very much needed for leadership, as he referred to the recent amendment of the electoral law, where President Buhari had requested the removal of Article 84 (12), which the Senate overwhelmingly rejected. majority.

He said the President of the Senate had shown courage in his leadership. His words: ‘You did this recently, there was a bill before you that asks for an amendment. I watched you sitting as president, I saw the gavel in the hand of the president of the senate, as he asked the question, no was loudest, yes was calm and he explained.

“That’s courage, that’s the courage the nation needs. Speaker of the Senate, I will continue to respect you for the rest of my life.

“Speaker of the Senate, you have shown unusual leadership since taking over as head of this Senate.

“You have navigated the minefield in the effort to bring our country together in unity in diversity. How I wish you would use this unity and diversity for our prosperity

“I saw the harmonious relationship with the executive, I saw the cordiality between the National Assembly and the executive as something relevant for development and national progress.”

The former Governor of Lagos said: “It is of crucial importance that you do your job in an atmosphere free from intimidation and tyrants. You did this. As a team leader, you ensure that you build a high performing team that navigates this country very well in the right direction.

On his ambition, which is at the heart of his visit, Tinubu also called on party senators to support his presidential ambition.

The former Governor of Lagos State has asked lawmakers to support his ambition based on his ability and experience.

He said, “Why am I here? I came for your guidance, your partnership and your support. Nigeria have come to that stage where we need a change of baton. The president is completing his second term.

“The elections are approaching in February. We have various programs that I don’t have to repeat here: nomination process, primary process and all that. I can’t do it myself and I can’t do it sitting at home expecting many personal friends I have here to do it for me. I believe that together we can do it. You can successfully support me for the nomination of my lifetime ambition.

“If you take the advice of the wise, ‘if you want to go fast, do it alone, but if you want to do it successfully, for sure, go as a team’. I ask for that “team spirit” here today. Get me through the nomination process and from there take me to the presidency of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

In response, the Senate Speaker said the APC Senate Caucus was a central and fundamental pillar of the party.

“This caucus remained committed to the party, showed its determination to our manifesto to work within us and with the executive. We have accomplished so much through the APC caucus.

“Since 2019, this caucus has shown loyalty, commitment and a determined focus to ensure that our 2015 and 2019 victories as a political party are fully utilized for the benefit of Nigerians.

Regarding the leadership crisis in the party, Lawan said, “Recently, we had difficulties due to a misunderstanding between some of our members and the party was plunged into temporary confusion.

“Thank God it’s over now. It’s very clear that our party is back on track that in the next two weeks our national convention will be held and a new group of leaders will emerge.

Lawan, afterwards, wished Tinubu good luck and success in “this business”, saying, “We all wish you well, wish you success in this field and in the business of fighting for the APC to continue to be the rightly ruling party in Nigeria; Your Excellency, we are with you.

Former senators in his entourage included Adedayo Adeyeye (Ekiti), Abu Ibrahim (Katsina) and Iyiola Omisore (Osun).

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