Charles Co. Commissioners April 5, 2022, Meeting Briefs

On Tuesday, April 5, the Board of County Commissioners celebrated four new historic markers in the county. These sites included the Blue Jay Motel, Mount Hope Church, Pomonkey Village, and Carroll Farm and Cemetery.

During the commissioner’s meeting, County Administrator Mark Belton; Deborah Carpenter, Director of the Department of Planning and Growth Management; Economic Development Department Director Kelly Robertson-Slagle; Acting Director of the Ministry of Public Works, Bernard Cochran; and Environmental Resources Manager Frances Sherman provided a update on Goal 3: Environment of County Commissioners Goals and Objectives. Highlights include the expansion of the Rural Heritage Area, the work of the Resilience Authority, the Military Installations Resilience Review initiative, the Chesapeake Conservancy internship, a new commercial recycling facility and a new commercial recycling transfer station, impermeable surface treatment and maintenance of stormwater management and illicit discharges.

Staff from the Department of Tax and Administrative Services provided county commissioners with a working session on the fiscal year 2023 budget, in particular was the Government Capital Improvement Projects; the local part of these projects is financed by the General Fund. The general fund includes property taxes, income taxes, registration and transfer fees, and other revenues. Staff discussed the capital improvement program for the 2023-2027 fiscal year, which includes projects for the Board of Education, College of Southern Maryland, general administration, parks and transportation projects , as well as inflation-related costs.

Some of the proposed items highlighted included new schools, renovations to existing schools, open space enclosure projects at Piccowaxen Middle School, Indian Head Elementary School, additions to half-day kindergarten full, new VanGO maintenance facility, new recreation center, proposed Waldorf park, Popes Creeks Park, park repairs and increased maintenance, additional synthetic turf courts, outdoor basketball courts at Waldorf , various sidewalk additions, increased annual road surface project, safety improvements for Billingsley Road and Turkey Hill Road, Western Parkway Phase III, Waldorf Urban Stormwater Corridor Redevelopment Project and funding to support the next phase of the Middletown Road improvement project.

Commissioner New Affairs

Commissioner President Reuben B. Collins, II, Esq. discussed recent youth concerns and expressed the importance of creating more programs to support our youth. He recommended that county commissioners hold a meeting to bring local stakeholders together to create a plan of action.

Open information sessions

  • Planner III Kelly Palmer made a presentation on Zoning Amendment 21-01 NRP Holdings, LLC Moreland Properties and Application for a Public Hearing. County Commissioners have approved a public hearing to be held on Wednesday, May 25 at 6 p.m. in a hybrid format.
  • Representatives from the Ministry of the Environment provided a presentation on per- and polyfluoroalkyl (PFA) substances. In Maryland, the primary concern is AFFF fire-fighting foam, but other potential sources may include sewage treatment plants and storm water. PFAs can accumulate in fish tissue and may become a concern if health advisory levels increase.
  • Representatives of the Maryland PIRG, USPIRG, and Patuxent Riverkeeper Network provided a presentation on per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances. The recommendations included testing at the Mattawoman sewage treatment plant.

Legislative update

Associate County II Attorney Danielle Mitchell provided a update on the 2022 Maryland General Assembly session. Updates included:

  • House Bill 1116 has passed the House and is awaiting a Senate vote.
  • Senate Bill 1416 has passed the House and is awaiting a Senate vote.
  • Senate Bill 965 has passed the House and is awaiting a Senate vote.
  • House Bill 739/Senate Bill 916 passed both the House and the Senate.
  • House Bill 514/Senate Bill 388 has passed the House and is awaiting a Senate vote.
  • House Bill 1290 passed the General Assembly.
  • House Bill 1433 has passed the House and is awaiting a hearing in the Senate.
  • House Bill 35/Senate Bill 158 will be sent to the Governor’s Office regarding the commissioners’ concerns regarding this legislation and requests for support for election workers and equipment.

County commissioners approved sending the Senate Bill 108 Letter of Support and the Senate Bill 76 Letter of Support.

Approval items

The Commissioners also approved:


Staff from the Tax and Administrative Services Department and the Growth Planning and Management Department provided presentation on federal earmarked spending. Highlighted projects included the Southern Maryland Rapid Transit Project, Washington Suburban Sanitary Commission Interconnect, Potomac River Water Supply Treatment Plant, System Upgrade Mattawoman Wastewater Treatment Plant UV Disinfection, Waldorf Redevelopment Corridor Stormwater Discharge, Mallows Bay River National Marine Sanctuary-Potomac Virtual 3-D Paddle Experience and Handheld Camera Project by the Charles County Corps.


Recognized County Commissioners National Public Health Week and the work of the Charles County Health Department and all workers dedicated to promoting public health, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic.


Next session of Commissioners: April 26, 2022

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