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Agents from the Counter Terrorism Center are already in Szentpeterfa, where the shooting occurred earlier in the day.

According to, the information portal of Vas County, there are many police units in Szentpéterfa, a small Hungarian village a few meters from the Hungarian-Austrian border. They wrote that a smuggler opened fire on Austrian border guards on the Hungarian side. Then he escaped and tried to hide in a former border guard barracks nearby. Agents from the Counterterrorism Center surrounded the building. A few minutes later, their Austrian colleagues sent a drone to help them. According to unconfirmed information, the smuggler is not alone.

Then the police arrested a Moldavian smuggler in the village. Officers found 14 people in his van, who claimed to be Syrian refugees. To summarize, there are two cases. One of them is already resolved, while the other is still ongoing.

Szentpeterfa border post. The other side is Austria. Photo: PrtScr/Google Maps

Regarding this last issue, the local police issued a statement a few hours ago. They said Syrians could not provide any documents proving their national identity or citizenship. However, they could not demonstrate the legality of their stay in Hungary. As a result,

the police will escort them to the border fence. During this time, the Moldovan citizen will be brought to justice for human trafficking.

Regarding the first problem, wrote that Hungarian policemen wanted to check a vehicle at the Szentpéterfa border. However, the driver escaped and opened fire on an Austrian border guard. Thus, the Counter Terrorism Center invaded the police village.

According to Blikk, the perpetrator(s) barricaded themselves in a former Hungarian border guard barracks. They added that the smuggler first traveled to Austria. However,

Austrian police caught him and wanted to check his car. It was then that he opened fire and returned to the Hungarian side.

Austrian army spokesman Michael Bauer wrote on Twitter that a bus driver refused military control and a soldier was slightly injured. They chased him, but he went back to Hungary. A few shots were fired during the pursuit from the Austrian side but no one was injured.

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