Bedford propane leak at U.S. Army Reserve Center results in eight people in hospital

BEDFORD, Virginia (WDBJ) – UPDATE: Nine people were in the building when the leak was reported around 6:30 p.m. Friday.

According to the Bedford Fire Department, the leak started in the kitchen from a gas appliance with the pilot extinguished.

Carbon monoxide levels hit 250 parts at one point, before crews stopped the gas from entering the building further and began to ventilate.

The current level is below 100 games and all patients have suffered non-critical injuries.

Bedford County Battalion Commander Leo George III said it could have been very dangerous if it had not been detected early enough:

“When you look at 250 parts per million, eight hours of exposure can be fatal.”

Several departments intervened on the spot.

PREVIOUS STORY: The Bedford Fire Department is currently at the scene of a high carbon monoxide incident located on Harmony Crossing. Firefighters say this is due to a propane leak.

The high gas levels were detected by the first units to arrive. These teams immediately began to evacuate the building and sort the patients.

A total of 8 patients are treated on site and transported to Roanoke Memorial and Lynchburg General Hospitals.

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