Art of Conquest 2 Beginners Guide and Tips

Art of Conquest 2 is a role-playing game (RPG) and strategy mobile game developed by FARLIGHT. This game features an empire that is on the verge of collapse due to the destruction of the colonized chronosphere. You have to collect amazing soldiers from different dimensions to restore or create a new era for you. In this Art of Conquest 2 beginners guide, we’ll explain how new players can get into the game and explain how everything works.

Gameplay overview

Before returning or creating a new era, you must select the area you want to explore from the available world map, each area has different terrain, some are filled with snow, forests, deserts and even volcanoes relatives. If you chose, you will be asked to choose one of four useful heroes to wage war while expanding territory or fighting off invaders.

Each hero has different skills, as well as roles. Some act like Tankers, controllers, DPS (damage per second) and debuffs. You can choose depending on the role you like or even depending on the area you choose, like the snow area, so you choose Utruk who is Frostbear. Then you can gather the hero led soldiers and set the strategy to attack the enemy and expand the territory.

Introducing the basics of Art of Conquest 2


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You have to build your territory by constructing buildings to expand your empires, such as Sawmill, Crystal Mine, Gem Mine, and mithril mine who build products for your hardware needs. There is a barracks to recruit soldiers, a command center to increase the number of deployable troops and other buildings needed to expand the territory and the empire.


Troops Art of Conquest 2 Beginner's Guide
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The troops here are your troops before you fight. Here there are heroes that you can use their skills during the battle and are accompanied by soldiers with their abilities.


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An alliance is a collection of players who are your allies. This alliance is very useful for you when playing Art of Conques 2 game because you can move your fief to the alliance territory to earn bonus resources such as gold, wood, gems, crystal and the Mythril, and have several alliance activities. Moreover, there is also an alliance shop which you can use to buy several items or materials which you can buy every day.


Chapter Art of Conquest 2 Beginner's Guide
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When you have completed all the quests in this chapter, you will move on to another chapter. Each chapter usually has a different story and objective, some focus on expanding territories, constructing buildings, etc.

Art of Conquest 2 Beginner’s Guide: Tips and Tricks

Here are some of our tips in our Art of Conquest 2 beginner’s guide to help you newbies get started on your journey.

1. Build your stronghold

While playing Art of Conquest 2, we recommend that you build your territory as production buildings for the sustainability of your resources, military buildings to strengthen your troops, and decorations to make your fief look beautiful.

Build Your Garrison Art of Conquest 2 Beginner's Guide
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There is an important thing when you play games which have building structures like Art of Conquest, before you upgrade the council hall to unlock new buildings and expand your fief which is the main building like Town hall in the game Clash of Clansyou need to improve the small buildings first so that your stronghold grows stronger and grows, it is not premature.

Remember to always destroy trees, wood, abandoned houses, devil’s rock and others to expand the area so that the object is not blocked and you can get materials such as wood.

2. Understanding each faction’s counters

faction counter
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There are 4 factions in this Art of Conquest 2 game, namely Imperial, Vaeringian, Arcadian, and Necrovian. These four contradict each other. Imperial has an advantage over Vaeringian, Vaeringian has an advantage over Arcadian, Arcadian has an advantage over Necrovian, and Necrovian has an advantage over Imperial. If your faction counters deal 20% more damage, it is very beneficial when your power is lower than the enemy.

3. Upgrade your heroes and soldiers

This upgrade is important when you want to increase your combat power, both of your heroes and your soldiers. There are special upgrades for the abilities and points of each hero or soldier, upgrade abilities to increase the abilities of those heroes or soldiers, and then for those points to increase the stats of the heroes or soldiers.

Heroes and Soldiers Beginner's Guide Art of Conquest 2
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When leveling stats, we recommend looking at the popular version first, because there is a percentage that players usually level up, so you can track the popular version based on the highest percentage. Also, if you have obtained equipments, you can use them such as helmets, armors, weapons and trinkets. This is useful for making your heroes stronger in terms of stats, but the gear only applies to heroes and cannot be used on soldiers.

4. Define your formation and troops

Before you fight you must pay attention to the factions and placement strategies of your enemies, this way you can deploy heroes and soldiers in the right place, like against the imperial faction, preferably face to face with troops of the Necrovian faction, so you don’t get confused when fighting the enemy. Then, like the support heroes, they should be placed in the back so that they are always safe and can support their allies.

Formation and Troops Art of Conquest 2 Beginner's Guide
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In addition to training, you also need to organize troops with a good composition, such as roles and factions. For example, on your forces there are at least heroes with a DPS role to deal high damage to the enemy, then there is support which is useful to provide support such as providing shields or healing allies , then the other is optional, it can be a controller, tanker or debuffer.

5. Complete your quests regularly

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This game requires you to complete the available quests of each chapter, when all chapter quests have been completed there will be a chapter change as described above. You can tap on the part of the quest you want to do, then the system will automatically go to the quest, so you don’t have to worry about finding it yourself, besides when you follow the quest, it makes indirectly your area stronger and growing.

6. Using Acceleration

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When you upgrade a building it takes some time, the higher the level of the building the longer it takes, so you can use speedup to speed up its construction time, it is very useful when you want to put updated successively because we know that only 2 developments can be done simultaneously, to speed up the queue, you can use acceleration.

Final Thoughts

Art of Conquest 2 is a perfect game for those of you who like to strategize and build. Here you have to think about waging war in terms of troops and also your formation to be able to win the battle and expand the fiefdom.

That’s all from us for the Art of Conquest 2 Beginner’s Guide! Did you find our Art of Conquest 2 Beginner’s Guide useful? Let us know in the comments!

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