Amendment to Infrastructure Bill includes $ 2.5 billion for 5G wireless deployment at military bases

Written by John Hewitt Jones

Republican lawmakers have proposed an amendment to the bipartisan infrastructure bill that includes $ 2.5 billion in funding for the installation of 5G wireless technology at Department of Defense facilities.

Senate Appropriation Leader Richard Shelby (R-Ala.) Proposed the amendment, which is largely focused on increasing defense funding. He is also supported by fellow Republican Senators Jim Inhofe, Okla., Roger Wicker, Miss., Mike Rounds, SD, and Thom Tillis, ND

Deploying secure 5G technology at military installations is a central part of the Defense Ministry‘s plan to create a common battlefield, in which soldiers and military vehicles have access to real-time data.

The revision would also allocate $ 3.8 billion for construction at the Department of Energy’s national laboratories. This includes projects at the National Nuclear Security Administration, Los Alamos National Laboratory, Savannah River Nuclear Facility, and other projects.

If enacted, it would also add $ 4 billion to the military and Pentagon for infrastructure maintenance projects, and set aside an additional $ 2 billion for high priority military construction projects.

Lawmakers are expected to take a final vote on passing the $ 1 trillion infrastructure bill as early as this weekend, after the Senate passed a series of amendments to the legislation on Wednesday.

Negotiators are working on a final draft of the bill, and Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (D., NY) called on the chamber to act quickly as it moves through the final stages of the legislative process.

Speaking at an event hosted by an industry association last year, Air Force Chief of Staff Gen. Charles Q. Brown said the services “most definitely” would need rework their networks to facilitate the deployment of 5G.

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