Air Force enlisted promotions will play out a little differently in 2022

Enlisted Airmen will navigate several changes in their career development and promotion processes in 2022 that aim to reward experience and critical thinking.

The updates could also provide more flexibility for people who want to learn certain job skills or live in certain areas.

Perhaps the most important updates are in the enlisted promotion system. In the new year, Airmen seeking promotion to the rank of Staff Sergeant or Technical Sergeant will be faced with 20 written scenarios that will test their judgment as part of the Weighted Airmen Promotion System review. .

They also have a formal list of leadership qualities, like inclusion and responsibility, that supervisors can use to provide constructive criticism about personal and professional growth. These traits will be part of new assessments for officers and enlisted men scheduled to begin later in the year.

When filling out enlisted performance reports, Airmen turn to full sentences and paragraphs that explain their accomplishments instead of bulleted them down. Department managers hope this will save people time and be easier to understand than bulleted lists currently are.

The USAF wants to rectify promotion scoring quirks that mean less skilled Airmen can rise through the ranks faster than others.

“Airmen with the same level of performance in a current year and with more experience ended up with fewer overall points,” the service said in October. “The new score removes this result and allows for the enhancement of lasting performance and experience. “

Expect to hear more about a plan to reorganize the development of enlisted forces in 2022. The Air Force had hoped to deploy it in the fall of 2021.

SME changes will tie in with other initiatives, such as a template app that allows Airmen to better manage their career progression, and the creation of a more transparent work assignment system through Talent Marketplace or another computer platform.

Rachel Cohen joined the Air Force Times as a senior reporter in March 2021. Her work has been featured in Air Force Magazine, Inside Defense, Inside Health Policy, the Frederick News-Post (Md.), The Washington Post and others. .

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