A Turkish facility in Iraq was hit by rockets

Iraqi security forces, a Turkish military installation in Zlikan, northeast of Mosul, were targeted by rocket fire for the second time in two days. “Three missiles landed northeast of Mosul, near the Turkish base. The Turkish artillery responded with a barrage of shells.

No Turkish soldiers were injured in the incident. Two Katyusha rockets were also launched on Saturday against the vicinity of the Turkish base in Zlikan.

The presence of Turkish troops in the Zlikan camp is a long-standing subject of controversy between Baghdad and Ankara, which justifies its presence in the region by the need to fight the Kurdistan Workers’ Party banned in Turkey.

Early administrators of the Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahedo Church of the Holy Trinity in Columbus accused its clergy of changing the language of services from Amharic, the national language of Ethiopia, to Tigrinya, the language of the region of Tiger.

Clergy at the church in Columbus, which is home to about 40,000 Ethiopian Americans, say Tigrinya was added as a language rather than replacing Amharic to better reach the congregation. Church leaders say the changes were not political in nature.

They say the clergy is taking sides in a war between the rulers of Tigray and the Amhara, allied to the Ethiopian government, with tens of thousands dead.

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  • A Turkish facility in Iraq was hit by rockets
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