6 useless (but awesome) things you’ll find in the barracks

Life at the barracks blows. You are crammed into as little space as possible so your superiors can keep an eye on you. There’s always something going on so you never sleep. And you often have to share a tiny room with someone.

But never underestimate the power of a bored soldier. If you can think of it, it’s probably happening in the barracks right now. While most shenanigans aren’t against any rules, they’re definitely worth it.

TVs as big as the wall

There are a lot of terrible purchases made by the boots when they get their first paycheck. And it’s no different when the boot comes back from deployment with plenty of spending money.

The average barracks room is barely big enough to have a massive 90-inch widescreen 3D TV, but that won’t stop most troops just returning to the United States.

Technically, some allow you to have fish or lizards. It all depends on the specific order.
(Photo by Tech Sgt. Michael Holzworth)


The Barracks is usually a pretty gross place. As the NCOs leave, he returns to the same dirty state he was in the day before.

Pets are already unclean creatures that require constant maintenance…but the troops don’t care!

6 useless (but awesome) things you'll find in the barracks
If you’re cool with them, they’ll share.
(Photo by Corporal Bobby J. Yarbrough)

Some barracks have almost a full kitchen

There is always a person in each barracks who knows how to cook and will cook for everyone. Sometimes they’re not even a real chef – whatever.

Being the firehouse boss requires a lot more appliances than just a hot plate and a coffee maker. These guys do it all in style.

6 useless (but awesome) things you'll find in the barracks
If they’re drinking at the barracks, that means they’re not driving home. No DUI! Everyone wins! (Photo by Corporal Jonah Lovy)

Enough alcohol to cause liver failure in a man of less weight

There is nothing wrong with someone over the age of 21 drinking alcohol in their spare time, as long as they do so responsibly.

On average, a single barracks contains more alcohol than any off-site bar.

6 useless (but awesome) things you'll find in the barracks
And we all know how well that usually goes. (US Army photo)

Guns in the barracks?

It is your divine right as an American to keep and bear arms. The only problem is that many units have a “no firearms in barracks” policy.

This does not mean that soldiers living in the barracks cannot own firearms. They just need to store them in the weapons room.

6 useless (but awesome) things you'll find in the barracks
Good luck not getting caught on a “random” inspection. (Photo by Senior Airman Christian Thomas)

Unauthorized guests…

The Barracks Hall isn’t exactly prime real estate for a single person, let alone multiple troops living in a studio-sized apartment-like room.

And yet, the troops will sometimes keep with them a room for which they have a weakness.

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