11/10 NOW talks with the Nebraska Football Flyover pilots

LINCOLN, Neb. (KOLN) – Nebraska football is known for its traditions. The sold-out sequence, the release of balloons after the first score and the soldiers fly over during the national anthem. The flyby doesn’t last long, but its preparations take months.

It’s a flight that Husker Nation only sees for five seconds, but that’s all it takes to get the crowd moving.

The army flyover crew consists of 17 members. Some fly in their first flight, another fly in their fifth. This is his last because he is retiring in January. There is also a married couple, and they are all lucky enough to see the Red Sea 500 feet above sea level.

Two hours before kickoff, the U.S. Army National Guard was briefing ahead of its only football over Nebraska this season.

“We just want to make sure things are timed at the right time and that it looks accurate and gives the fans what they want to motivate themselves because it’s the last game of the year and against the Iowa, so you want to do your best, ”said Black Hawk pilot Captain Joshua Pryor.

Captain Pryor flew one of the three Black Hawk helicopters. It was his first flight and his plane opened the doors.

“For something like that, you get a better view or else it’s just a small window,” Pryor said.

The captain said the crew were selected by those who show initiative, volunteer and go the extra mile when not needed.

“Two years ago we did two planes and I think we just wanted to give the opportunity to a few more people to be able to do it and that’s why we chose three,” said Pryor. “We just had some guys back from their deployment so they are more than worthy of being able to share this experience. “

Two members included Sgt. First Class Lynda James and Sgt. Andrew Evans.

“This is my first overview,” James said. “Very nervous.”

“I made the Wisconsin game in 2019,” Evans said. “I was on the bridge for that one.”

A little over an hour before kick-off and it was the turn of the three Black Hawks to position themselves. Then they waited for the signal.

“Talk to the tower talk to the ground,” said James. “Make sure you’re on the right starting point. “

“We have our guys singing to us on the radio just to help us time well and make sure we hit those GPS points on time, so we make it look good and we walk through the stadium when the house of the braves is sung. “Said Pryor.

“For a long time I was a games usher when I was young, so being able to see the flyover from the ground and being able to do it in the air is a complete dream and being able to do it a second time is even better,” said Evans. .

The crew is recognized during the game.

“We love to give them a good show and we love to be a positive part of their day,” said Pryor.

And this day will not be forgotten as they had t-shirts made featuring the three Black Hawks on the front and their names on the back.

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