10 contradictions in Putin’s politics of Orbán – will he lose the election because of them?

After Russia attacked Ukraine, the number of issues that could challenge Prime Minister Viktor Orbán multiplied. 24.hu has collected all relevant polls, political actions, statements that could be embarrassing for the current government. They concluded that some of them could be dangerous in the April general election.

According to 24.hu, it is important to know what the position of the government was on a given issue before. If there is a contradiction between their past and present position, voters could punish the administration. However, Fidesz seems to think the opposite in Hungary. Regarding the change in the government’s migration policy, Gábor G. Fodor, one of the government’s top advisers, for example, said in 2015 that people did not care what Fidesz was saying about liberalism 12 years earlier. . They consider it much more important whether you can protect them from its effects or not.

24.hu believes this is why the government has emphasized security, calm, neutrality and peace since the invasion. However, the news site says there has not been a similar moment in the past 12 years of the Orbán administration where the government has contradicted even late statements. No one knows if this will affect the outcome of the April general election. Despite everything, 24.hu collected ten contradictions which you can read below

The Orbán government has been fighting for years – now it’s gone pro-peace

After the Russian invasion, the government stressed that it was on the side of peace and that Hungary should stay out of the conflict. Meanwhile, Orbán was struggling with Brussels, high utility prices, migration, George Soros, the IMF or the European Union over the past decade. Based on a 2018 study, Viktor Orbán started using military words after 2014. The words “battle”, “army”, “border protection”, “shoot” or “achieve” became more frequent in his speeches.

For example, in July 2021, he said that a bloody conflict awaited Hungary against the EU because of the child protection law (anti-LGBTQ).

There will be no war – they said

It seems that even Prime Minister Orbán did not anticipate the war. Gábor Török, a famous Hungarian political scientist, said the prime minister did not believe there would be a war at the Fidesz-KDNP parliamentary group meeting in February. Zsolt Bayer, one of the journalists closest to Orbán obtaining number 5 of Fidesz, declared a few days before the outbreak of the war that Russia would not invade Ukraine. Other members of the government added that Russia does not want war, only NATO.

Change your mind about Russia

Viktor Orbán became famous for his speech on the reburial of Imre Nagy, the prime minister of the 1956 revolution and the struggle for freedom. He said the government should start negotiations on the withdrawal of the Russian army from Hungary. The speech was on June 16, 1989. So no one dared to talk about these issues. Troops from the Soviet Union remained in Hungary even during the first years of Antall’s democratically elected government. The last Soviet soldier left the country only on June 19, 1991. What Orbán said in 1989 was very courageous.

After the regime change, Fidesz was pro-Western and anti-communist. In 2007, Orbán said that oil comes from the east but democracy from the west. Moreover, he criticized Ferenc Gyurcsány for then negotiating with President Putin. He even stressed that Hungary should not become Gazprom’s happiest barracks.

Everything changed after his landslide victory in 2010. His February meetings with Putin became regular, and he even persuaded his anti-Communist voters that Putin’s Russia is not the Soviet Union. Also, Hungary must maintain good relations with Moscow for economic benefits.

Fidesz voters still divided

Prime Minister Orbán has managed to convince around 80% of his voters of Russia, but a minority rejects this policy. Hundreds of thousands view Orbán’s friendship with Putin as unacceptable. A 2019 survey showed that 44% of Hungarians thought Russia was the country’s top partner. However, 53% of respondents did not think the situation was ideal. Most people thought Hungary needed stronger ties with Germany and the United States.

Therefore, the Hungarian Prime Minister had to balance pro and anti-Russian statements so as not to alienate any of his supporters. According to a recently published poll, a majority of citizens believe that Hungary is too close to Putin.

The West ditched Hungary in 1956, now Hungary is doing the same with Ukraine

The Hungarian government has stressed that Hungary will not send arms or soldiers to Ukraine. Meanwhile, Viktor Orbán believes that the West should have supported the Hungarian Revolution of 1956 against the Soviet army. In his speeches, he regularly says that the West has let Hungary down. However, the question remains: shouldn’t Hungary help Ukraine against the invasion of the Russian army? Gergely Gulyás, Chief of Staff to the Prime Minister, said the two situations differ because the geopolitical state of the two countries is different. He added that the contribution of the Hungarian army to the war would not change anything.

Hungary does not allow weapons to be transported to Ukraine, but previously allowed for Russians

In 2019, the government allowed the Russians to transport weapons to a military base in Serbia. Budapest decided to do so despite the EU’s ban on Russian arms shipments due to the annexation of Crimea. Romania then denied having authorized the transport of Russian tanks, but Hungary gave the green light. Gergely Gulyás said that the military equipment was transported by civilian aircraft and not by military aircraft, so they did not have to activate it.

The government was anti-migrant

The government has set up a campaign against migrants coming from the Middle East, including even families, women and children. Today, Hungary welcomes all Ukrainians. Some say that Budapest follows a double standard. However, the government thinks they are just following their protocol. Refugees in need, whose first safe country is not Hungary, must return to their previous destination. In the case of Ukraine, Hungary is the first safe country. Therefore, the government helps everyone. However, they do not prevent refugees from traveling west.

Government condemns Russian aggression – but state media appear pro-Putin

For example, one of the experts close to the government, Georg Spöttle, said that President Zelensky had crossed the red line. The Hungarian news agency used “Russian military action” instead of war for days after the invasion, resembling expressions used in Russian media. This is why the united opposition organized a demonstration last Sunday at the gates of the Hungarian public media.

The government does not believe in sanctions but votes for them

Prime Minister Orbán has repeatedly stated that he does not consider sanctions against Russia to be particularly helpful. He also called them a dead end. Even so, the Hungarian government has approved them in the EU.

Hungary blocked Ukraine’s Western integration

Ukraine approved a language law in 2017 that hindered the use of Hungarian in the country. Kiev did it even though they had promised Orbán otherwise. In return, Hungary supported Ukraine to become visa-free in the EU. Just one day after this vote, the Rada approved the language law. After that, the Hungarian government blocked all NATO-Ukraine summits.

Now the government has joined the countries applying for Ukraine’s EU membership.

Gulyás said of the change that it was about Ukraine joining the EU, not NATO. Furthermore, he added that there was no war against Ukraine endangering its territorial integrity at that time.

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Source: 24.hu

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